Thailand Self Drive – Day 8 – Chiang Mai

Thailand Self Drive – Day 8 – Chiang Mai – 31 Dec 2016

The Mae Ping Imperial hotel is well located, clean, comfortable and offers a marvelous breakfast with so many options. The pool is great as well. I had a short rest beside the pool after the morning breakfast.

Then I took a tuk tuk to drive me to town, just 5 min and it cost 100 baht.  Tuk tuk also called as sam lor’ (three-wheeled), is Thailand’s iconic transport vehicle used to be everyone’s favorite way of getting around.

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Thai Getaway Self drive – Day 7 – Chiang Mai

Thailand Self drive Chiang Mai – Elephant Camp – Day 7 – 30 Dec 2016

Today was the day 7 of our Self drive in Thailand and our highlight of the day was Elephant camp but before we checked out of the Horizon Hotel, we stayed a bit longer in the morning to explore the most beautiful botanical garden in Chiang Mai.

The Tweechol Botanical Garden is part of the Horizon Village & Resort property that I stayed in.  The botanical garden is worth to explore. It has one of the largest collections of plants in Thailand  collected over the years. I personally think that this is one of the well kept gardens I have ever seen.

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Thailand Self drive getaway ~ Day 6 ~ Chiang Mai

Thailand self drive from Chiang Rai to Chiang Mai – Day 6 – 29 Dec 2016

We woke up early and had our breakfast in the Garden hotel in Laluna resort in Chiang Rai. The weather was cool in the early morning in Chiang Rai, we checked out at about 9 am and headed to Chiang Mai.  The distance was 3 hours  (197.5 km) via Route 118.  

Chiang Rai – Chiang Mai is an easy drive, there were a couple of checkpoint stops but we just get waved through or don’t need to stop at all.  The roads get a bit more hilly one hour before we reached Chiang Mai but overall the road from Chiang Rai to Chiang Mai is mostly very good and smooth.

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8 days Thailand Self Drive – Day 5 – Chiang Rai

Thailand self drive – Day 5 – Chiang Rai – 28 Dec 2016

We stayed 2 nights in Chiang Rai with 2 different hotels.  We checked out around 9am and moved to our first destination, the Golden Triangle. From our hotel, Phufa Waree Chiangrai Resort to Golden triangle took us about 1 hour drive.  The road to Golden triangle was pretty smooth, not many cars and the roads are wide.

The Golden Triangle is in Chiang Rai Province, in the far north of Thailand. The English name comes from the meeting of Laos, Myanmar and Thailand. where the Ruak and mighty Mekong rivers join.  Everyone’s probably heard here and there about the Golden Triangle. It depends on your expectations,the view from across the rivers is peaceful and you can see the Chinese have built a massive casino on the Laos shoreline.  The Casino do stands out.

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Thailand 8 days Self Drive ~ Day 4 ~Chiang Rai

8 days Self Drive in Thai ~ Day 4 ~ Lampang to Chiang Rai ~ 27 Dec 2016

The weather in the morning was very chilling, we had to walk pass a suspension bridge to the restaurant for our breakfast.  I find the suspension bridge was pretty cool and I have to walk slowly to prevent it from shaking too much.  Having breakfast beside the riverbank jungle was a wonderful way to start our day.

We checked out the Lampang River Lodge Hotel as usual at around 9 am and headed to Chiang Rai.  The distance from Lampang to Chiang Rai is about 227km, 3 hours in total.  

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8 days Thailand Self drive Day 3 ~ Lampang

Day 3 – Thailand Self Drive from Sukhothai to Lampang ~26 Dec 2016

We were told there will be monks coming to the front of the hotel at 630am the next morning to collect the food.  Those who are willing to give the food to the monks needed to tell the reception so they can prepare the food before hand. One packet of food is 30 baht.  I woke up 615am to watch the food offering to the monks.  I was expecting many monks to collect the food offering but to my disappointment, there was only one monk came by and some local Thais has offered the food to the monk and in return, the monk prayed his blessing to them.  Of course, there were many tourists watching the food offering process.

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8 days Thailand Getaway Self Drive ~ Day 2 ~ Sukhothai

Thailand Getaway  Self Drive ~ Day 2 ~ Sukhothai – 25 Dec 2016.

We checked out from 42C The Chic Hotel at Nakhon Sawan in the morning and moved toward Sukhothai, about 185km drive.

We started our journey at about 9am plus and we were targeting to reach our destination after lunch.  The road to Sukhothai is really smooth and there is no traffic or whatsoever.  Self Driving in Thailand was such an enjoyable fun thing to do.  We normally stopped for a rest in the middle of our journey to take a toilet and coffee break at the gas station. Most of the time, there is this cafe called “Amazon Cafe” in the Gas station.  The coffee or chocolate drink cost about 50-60 Baht each, Amazon cafe has it own branding and packaging, it is just similar to those chain cafe like Starbuck or Coffee Bean.  We also had mini macaron in Amazon Cafe. The toilets in the Gas station were far better than I expected.  Throughout the 8days self driving in the highway of Thai, I realized that if you wanted some decent toilets and coffee, please look for Amazon Cafe in Gas Station.  Normally there will be also a Seven Eleven convenient stall next to the Amazon Cafe, if you need some snack in the car.  Amazon Cafe can be found in most of the highway gas station.  Oh yes, you can also ask for their free wifi if you need to use your phone.

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Self drive in Thailand ~ Day 1 ~ Ayuthaya Historical Park and Wat Mahathat

Bangkok Airport to Ayuthaya Day 1 : 24 Dec 2016

We arrived in Bangkok Airport at around local time 9 + am and immediately we went to the Hertz car rental counter to collect our car.  There were few other car rental beside Hertz, there was also Budget car rental.  There were at least about 3 to 4 car rentals counter in the arrival hall.  I could not remember the rest of the car rental.

We waited for quite a while, about an hour. Normally we do not need to wait  for so long for car rental in other countries. We also were shocked that there was no GPS in the Toyota Altis that we rented.  We actually booked the car online and we ticked the car with GPS but because there was no confirmation so the cars left for that day were all without GPS.  We have no choice but to take it.  So please get the “confirmation” of GPS when you booked online. Luckily we have subscribed the Data roaming back home so we could use freely in Thailand.  The only other problem was the battery will be running low and we have forgotten to bring the car charger and portable charger.  Anyway, we leave those problems aside first and quickly started to get familiarize with the car and set our destination — “Ayuthaya” in the google map in our mobile phone.

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